Awaiting times and seasons

No rain—not a drop—fell on our spot in Austin for two months. Daily temps rose above 100. Then we came to regard that number as mercy. 105 lost its shock value as mid-100s became commonplace. Several days our thermometer read 108. 

In the interest of conservation, this summer we let half our backyard go without water. Half of our ground cover withered away. A chunk of our property morphed into bare dirt. We rationed water from our 125-gallon rooftop collection tank to keep our potted plants alive. But the tank got so low that water pressure reduced the flow to barely a trickle.

A big, loud, frog-drowning thunderstorm became the stuff of distant memory and daily fantasy. Nearly all of Texas was in severe drought.

In time we knew the rains would return, renew the land and stop the searing heat. But when? By then, would everything be hopelessly dead?

July went by, rainless. And then came August, Central Texas’ historically hottest, driest month.

Then on August 18, a cloud dropped enough on us to fill half the tank. The next installment days later filled that tank to overflowing within 15 minutes. 

Rain became a sporadic occurrence. Temps plummeted. On the porch before sunrise I drank my coffee and parked in the daily Scripture reading under a quilt as if October had arrived.

Days later in that muddy ground, we saw tiny sprouts. The next day more popped up. 

Within two weeks, a living, growing green blanket covered all that barren dirt. Now that whole dead area is thriving.

Just like Mark 4:26-29, we never saw the seeds lying dormant. But by faith we know they’ve been there all along, waiting for the right time and season. 

We wait patiently. And we pray, entrusting our times and seasons to a good God who provides our needs and gives good gifts.

“…Unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it produces much grain.” —Jesus, John 12:24

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